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Drywall Service



For a quality paint job, the key to getting the most life out of your paint job is proper surface preparation and a committed contractor. Green Brush Painting Company is a full service drywall and painting contractor, this means you won't need to hire multiple contractors to get your project completed professionally and on time. We have professional drywall crews ready to handle jobs from a small patch to large commercial projects.


We carry out your new construction or remodel project from the delivery and stocking of the first piece of sheet rock, through the hanging, taping, texturing, and final paint application. With just one phone call you can have peace of mind that all of these critical building phases will be accomplished seamlessly, economically, and in a professional and courteous manner.


If you have any Drywall finishing or repair work within your home or business give Green Brush Painting Company a call. We’ll come out and give you a competitive estimate along with some friendly and helpful advice on your drywall project.


Drywall - Fabrication, removal, and installation in residential, commercial, industrial communities.


Repair - Small to large repairs including water, fire, and physical damage

Soundproofing (Acoustical Drywall) - Application of the latest technologies stopping noise where it starts


Interior & Exterior Plastering Plaster Repair- Highly skilled craftsman will repair plaster to it's original state forming a seamless transition to any existing plaster


Finishing/Texturing - Perform a variety of textures and finishes from basic to custom applications


Taping - Professional and quick application ranging from large scale to custom applications trim.


Trim - Custom and complex professional application for trim smooth wall Level 5


Finish - Smooth as glass and seamless finishing of drywall

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